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Legal Metrology Repairer License

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An Overview of Legal Metrology Repairer License

The Legal Metrology Repairer License applies to those who work in the weight and measurement field. You must apply for a license to work as a weight and measure repairer in your state. You will need to file a request with the Controller of your state’s Legal Metrology department. You will also need to pay fees and submit all necessary documents.

The legal metrology officer of the respective state issues the repairer license with a one-year validity period. The repairer license can only be valid for a maximum of five years. The Legal Metrology department acts as the main overseer of measurements and weight nationally, and the division functions under the authority of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution.

What is the Definition of Repairer Under the Statute?

As per the Legal Metrology Act of 2009, the term repairer has been defined as a person who weighs and measures the commodities mentioned under the provisions of the Legal Metrology Act. In addition to that, a person is known for maintaining, oiling, or adjusting weights and measures as dictated by the regulations of the relevant legislation.

In the absence of a license, it is not allowed to manufacture, repair, or sell weight or measure items as per Section 23 of the Legal Metrology Act of 2009. It also mentions that individuals are not allowed to produce, fix, or distribute any weight or measure without obtaining a license from the Controller. A manufacturer does not need a license to repair its weight or measure.

Aim & Objective of the Act

The Legal Metrology Act aims to regulate the repair, manufacture and exchange of measures and weights. This act will help to protect the interest of the general public by minimising the malpractices related to measures & weights and also helpful to stop the availability of non-standard measures and weights.

Why is there a Need to Get a Legal Metrology Repairer License?

The Legal Metrology Repairer License guarantees the precision of measuring devices used in commercial transactions. It maintains norms, deterring unjust behaviours and financial damages. Trust is nurtured in transactions, and consumer rights are safeguarded.

Accurate measurements help reduce safety hazards in essential sectors. Here, we have outlined some pointers for your reference:

  • A repairer license guarantees that a skilled individual is responsible for maintaining and fixing weights and measures. It ensures that the weights and measures operate correctly and produce precise outcomes following repairs.
  • A repairer license in legal metrology increases consumer trust because it shows that a certified individual will perform repairs correctly and is trustworthy.
  • A Legal Metrology Repairer License enables regulatory authorities to monitor repairs made to weights and measurements.
  • The weights and repairs required by the Legal Metrology Act must adhere to a specific standard, so any repairs or maintenance should meet this standard.
  • Substandard repairs can directly affect consumer interest by compromising the accuracy of weights and measures.
  • A repairer license guarantees that only skilled repairers are responsible for repairing weights and measures.

Weights & Measures under the Legal Metrology Act

There are certain categories of weight and measures allowed under the Legal Metrology Act of 2009 mentioned below for your better understanding:

  • Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Pipettes & Syringes
  • Burette
  • Sphygmomanometers (Used to measure Arterial Blood Pressure)
  • Clinical Thermometer
  • Fuel Measuring System for Automobiles
  • Bulk Meters
  • Water Meters
  • Folding Scales
  • Volumetric Container Filing Machines
  • Standard Weights
  • Steel Tape Measures
  • Carat Weights
  • Plastic Tape Measures
  • Surveying Chains

Note: This particular list would not be considered exhaustive; kindly refer to the Legal Metrology (general rules), 2011 for more details. The LM, 2011 governs the entire aspect of measures & weights originating from their manufacturing to quality packaging to trading.

Application for Authorisation of Legal Metrology Repairer License

All individuals wanting to obtain a Legal Metrology Repairer License must submit a specified application in Form - LR - 1 to the State Legal Metrology Department. The applicant should make sure to include the important information in Form - LR – 1 discussed below for your understanding:

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Address of warehouse & godown
  • Tenancy Proof of the business place
  • Date of establishment of the repairer’s initiation
  • Details of directors in case of the private company limited
  • Number of trade or shop registration
  • Categories of measures and weights to be repaired by the licensee seeker
  • Professional IT tax registration no or professional tax registration.
  • Experience in repairing authorities
  • Area of operation
  • Category of machine or tool or equipment or tool available at the business place.
  • Employees' details serving for the business place.
  • Power connection detail
  • Units of space to be used for weight storage.
  • Detail of the previously held permit if existing

Eligibility Criteria to Obtain Legal Metrology Repairer License

The eligibility for a Legal Metrology Repairer License typically requires a relevant educational background, completion of training programs, practical experience, knowledge of regulations, a clean record, and completion of the application process, including submission of necessary documents and fees. Here is the list of eligibility criteria discussed below for your better insight:

1. Educational Background

The individual needs or has a minimum educational background of a diploma or degree in engineering or any related field might be required.

2. Training

The individual should complete the specific training programs or any courses related to legal metrology as per the metrological standards that might be necessary.

3. Experience

Some areas require a certain amount of practical experience in metrology or related areas.

4. Understanding of Regulations

The Applicant might need to explain a good understanding of the relevant legal metrology standards and regulations.

5. Background & Character Check

The applicant should have a clean criminal record and also good character which might be necessary to obtain the License.

6. Application Process

The applicant has to apply along with associated supporting fees and documents.

Documents Required for Legal Metrology Repairer License

There are certain documents annexed with the Legal Metrology Repairer License application to be accompanied through the standard works as mentioned below for deeper understanding:

  • Identity Proof or photos of the applicant.
  • Registration details of the place of business
  • The relevant authority confers a no objection certificate.
  • Papers of proof of ownership, agreement, or lease of the business place.
  • Place of registration of business proof such as the incorporation certificate and partnership deed according to the business structure.
  • Copy of AOA & MOA as applicable.
  • List of equipment, tools, and machines together with their purchase bill.
  • Purchase bill related to test weight in the case of a new certificate of verification.
  • GST Certificate
  • Labour License
  • GST Certificate
  • Professional Tax Registration

How to Apply for a Legal Metrology Repairer License?

The steps involved in obtaining a Legal Metrology Repairer License are as follows:

  • An application needs to be filled out before the Controller of the State Legal Metrology Department.
  • This application shall be attached with the necessary documents and fees.
  • This application shall be checked and examined by the concerned officer.
  • After verification, the concerned officer shall grant a repairer license with one year of validation.

Benefits of Obtaining a Legal Metrology Repairer License

There are certain benefits of a Legal Metrology Repairer License, particularly for professionals employed in the area of calibration and measurement, mentioned below for your better insights:

1. Legal Granting

A license for legal metrology repair authorizes individuals or businesses to officially repair and calibrate measuring devices used in various sectors such as commercial transactions, healthcare, and public safety. This License is essential for meeting legal obligations and ensuring that all repairs and maintenance adhere to specified standards.

2. Business Opportunities

Numerous businesses and government entities require the services of a certified technician for their calibration and repair requirements. Possessing a Legal Metrology Repairer License can open the door to various possibilities, such as partnerships with these organizations, which may not be available without proper certification.

3. Compliance Standard

The License guarantees that repairers are kept informed about both national and international measurement standards and regulations. Also, making sure that repaired instruments comply is crucial to guarantee accurate and reliable results, especially in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and scientific research.

4. Professional Growth

To obtain a Legal Metrology Repairer License, there should be continual education and training. The learning part allows repairers to remain at the forefront of their industry by staying current with the latest technologies, tools, and methodologies.

5. Legal Assurance

Possessing a Legal Metrology Repairer License can also offer legal safeguards in cases of disputes regarding service quality or measurement errors. It shows that the repairer follows authorized procedures and guidelines, which can be vital in cases involving responsibility.

Fees for Legal Metrology Repairer License

The fees for a Legal Metrology Repairer License include government fees that differ from state to state, starting from a minimum of Rs 100/- (Hundred) to a maximum of Rs. 5000/- (Five thousand) plus professional fees and various other miscellaneous fees.

Timeline for obtaining a Legal Metrology Repairer License

After considering all the processes for documentation and various other steps for obtaining a Legal Metrology Repairer License, the maximum time taken is 2-3 months.

Why Consider Legal Metrology Consultant for Repairer License?

Legal Metrology Consultants act as your consulting partner and focus on providing legal, financial, and business advisory services. We offer multiple services to help streamline and simplify the process for businesses and individuals seeking a Legal Metrology Repairer License.

1. Application Processing

We can help with the practical steps of the application process, such as completing forms, sending them to the relevant legal metrology department, and monitoring the status of the application.

2. Apprehending Legal Requirements

We can assist clients in comprehending the exact legal obligations and compliance aspects needed as per the Legal Metrology Act. It involves explaining the regulations and criteria for becoming an authorized repairer of weighing and measuring devices.

3. Assistance in the Documentation Process

We can assist customers with getting ready and submitting the required paperwork needed to obtain a license as a legal metrology repairer. It involves preparing technical paperwork, business information, and any additional documentation necessary under the law.

4. Inspection & Audit

We can assist businesses in getting ready for audits or inspections from metrology officers by ensuring their operations comply with legal standards, thereby preventing any penalties or issues when renewing the License.

5. Compliance Consulting

Apart from acquiring the License, we are capable of guiding you through the ongoing compliance obligations that must be fulfilled after obtaining the Legal Metrology Repairer License. This involves making sure that all repair tasks adhere to legal regulations and that documentation is kept per legal requirements.

Frequently Ask Questions

The Legal Metrology License can be meant as a mandatory requirement for the companies or businesses in manufacturing of measures & weights within India.

Any company engrossed in the repair as well as calibration of measuring instruments utilized for trade purposes should obtain a Legal Metrology Repairer License.

There are penalties for non-compliance with legal metrology law for the first offence, which will range from two thousand to five thousand rupees, and for subsequent offences, one may be imprisoned for a term which can extend up to 1 year or with a fine or both.

The validity period for a Legal Metrology Certificate is for one year and can be renewed after that.

Apply to the Department of Legal Metrology within your state.

There are three types of metrology: scientific metrology, applied metrology and legal metrology.

The power of legal metrology officers in India are inspection and verification, consumer protection, business education, imposing penalties, and prosecution.

A Legal Metrology Certificate certifies it as a document for measuring instruments or any pre-packaged commodities imported into a country.

It may lead to heavy penalties, fines, or market credibility loss.

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