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Refund Policy

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We provide compliance management solutions and legal metrology certificates for businesses dealing in weighing and measuring instruments. 

Furthermore, if you are dissatisfied with our services, please contact us right away. We will rectify the mistake and issue a refund or credit for future Legal Metrology Consultants orders.

Kindly let us know the concern problem before claiming a refund.

If you come across difficulties connecting to our service, please reach out to us at 9121230280 or email us at info@legalmetrology. Our dedicated team at Legal Metrology Consultants will personally handle all inquiries and attempt to respond to you within 24-48 hours.

Refund Policy

When fees are paid to Legal Metrology Consultants, the initial payment is collected by Legal Metrology. Afterwards, Legal Metrology department will invoice the client for the fees upon completing the work on the client's matter. During the appointment, Legal Metrology consultants will bill the client at different rates and intervals based on the accomplishment of various marks (such as government fee payments, form submissions, travel expenses, etc.).

We will be unable to provide refunds for non-refundable resources and man-hours utilized in delivering the services. Furthermore, any payments made to government bodies, for instance, filing fees or taxes, or to any other third parties involved in processing your transaction, cannot be refunded.

Legal Metrology Refund Process

Legal Metrology consultants will respond to refund requests collected on, an email to info@legalmetrology. Please note that all rebate requests must be submitted within ten days from the date of purchase. Processing of your repayment request within thirty business days from the date of receiving all required information, such as the reason for the rebate, bank details for processing the request, and other appropriate information.

Revision of Service

If you require a modification to a service you've ordered for an unexpected reason, it must be requested within the span of ten days of placing the order. The original cost of the service, minus any earned or professional fees due to Legal Metrology for service acquisition. Along with any payments made to government agencies (such as government fees, filing fees, or taxes) or third parties involved in processing your order, will be credited towards a new service request.

Definitive Pricing

Legal Metrology Consultants has set a consistent pricing policy for a wide range of services, and clients of all groupings can select a service that meets their needs.  Prices may vary depending on factors such as the territorial jurisdiction of the state and the type and quantity of services concentrated on the client.

Bringing the modification to the pricing listed on our website any period has been reserved by us without affecting our previous contracts that have already been initiated and been placed. An increase in the total cost paid by the client due to an increase in government bodies' fees or any other expenses acquired due to the rejection, resubmission, or completion of legal documents by the government is not applicable under the pricing policy.

As part of our selling policy, we will verify prices on the website to ensure correct prices are been quoted on the website before the contract comes into action to get initiated.

Some Aspects Outside Our Control

The End results or outcomes of any project are not guaranteed in your favour every time. For example, if any government-concerned authority rejects an application which is out of the scope of the Legal Metrology Consultancy services. In some cases, delays in completing your procedure may occur due to government website difficulties or backlogs. Legal Metrology Consultants cannot guarantee the outcome of services provided by our Service Officer or Experts from the nearest platform(s), whom Legal Metrology Consultants does not employ.  Such kinds of issues are beyond our control and are not enclosed by our guarantee or make it eligible for a refund. Claiming compensation cannot be based on delayed file processing by government actions.

Force Majeure

Legal Metrology Consultants shall not be accountable to the client for any failure to fulfil acts beyond its rational control, which includes acts of Gods, terrorist activities, shortages of supply, or computer system malfunctions, disruption in government actions, or, data loss resulting from power outages or mechanical glitches with reclamation systems, labour difficulties, war or civil unrest.

Cancellation Charges

Request for refunding is only initiated when the client is unsatisfied with the offered service and the work has not been initiated by our team members for delivering the service for the reason that we suffer expenses and invest our time, manpower utilization, technical resources and efforts to serve the satisfactory services. Changing your mindset after the service has been initiated, is not acceptable for claiming the refund. We do not assess. If you want us to hold the project services, we will hold the payments that have been paid by you until you ask us to begin with the service.

Before assessing any claims for refund requests, our service team will try to fulfil the service using every possible way. If you are sincerely dissatisfied with our service and have stated the issue to our service team, we will offer a refund. However, we will deduct the cancellation charges, which amount to 20% of the professional fees payable to us for availing the service, along with the government fees. In the case of a service change, there will be no cancellation fees.