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LMPC Model Approval Registration

The LMPC Model Approval Registration is mandatory for businesses involved in importing, manufacturing, or packaging of pre-packed commodities. Secure the certificate without any hassle with us.

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What is Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Registration?

LMPC or Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity registration is a mandatory provision granted by the Department of Legal Metrology under the Indian Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. It is mandatory for every individual, firm, organization, or company engaged in the business of importing, manufacturing, or packaging pre-packed commodities in India.

The primary objective behind the LMPC registration is to ensure that pre-packed commodities are sold in India according to the stipulated standard stated in the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011.

What is the LMPC Model Approval Registration Certificate?

LMPC Model Approval Registration certificates are issued to the manufacturer and importer to verify or approve the weights and measurement products. According to section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, the model approval is issued by the Department of Legal Metrology.

It is also mandatory for the manufacturer and importers engaged in the business of weights or measurement instruments to obtain a model approval from the Department of Legal Metrology under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution situated in Delhi. Operating such a business without a valid model approval, such as labelling, manufacturing, or importing any weights or measures, is illegal and has several legal consequences.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for a LMPC Model Approval?

The eligibility criteria for the LMPC Model Approval Certificate are as follows:

  • As per the Legal Metrology laws and regulations, the businesses engaged in the weights and measures items of the importer or manufacturer must comply with and meet the stipulated regulatory requirements of the Legal Metrology Department.
  • A model approval must be obtained before anyone can make import weights or measuring units. The concerned authority shall issue the Model Approval Certificate only after receiving the prescribed fee.
  • Also, the concerned authority may grant an approval certificate, with or without testing, if such a model of weights or measures is approved in a country other than India.

What are the Documents Required for LMPC Model Approval?

The documents required for LMPC Model Approval in India are:

  • Incorporation Certificate.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Description of sealing provisions of the product.
  • Duly filled Application form.
  • Receipt of the Model approval Fees.
  • Other Business Licenses (In case applicable)

Procedure for Obtaining LMPC Model Approval in India

The procedure for obtaining a LMPC Model Approval Certificate is as follows:

1. Filling Application Form

The applicant manufacturer or importer of weight and measure instruments must obtain the application form through the official website or from the designated authority. The application form must be filled out diligently and contain details of the instrument, technical specifications, and test reports.

2. Documents Examination

After the document is duly submitted by an applicant, the concerned officer shall examine the documents submitted along with the application form. Such an officer will verify if instruments comply with the metrological requirements.

3. Testing and Calibration

The concerned authority will test and calibrate the instruments to check and verify their accuracy level, linearity, repeatability, and other parameters.

4. Authority Examination

The authority concerned shall conduct a thorough inspection of instrument design, construction, and internal mechanisms. They will ensure that such instruments or products are aligned according to the Legal Metrology Act and rules.

5. Granting Certificate

If the instruments fulfil all the Legal Metrology requirements and rules, the concerned authority shall grant the applicant an LMPC Model Approval Certificate. However, the certificate contains information like the instrument’s model number, serial number, approved range, and other relevant details.

Cancellation of Model Approval Certificate

If the model approval certificate is cancelled or rejected by the concerned authority, the manufacturer of weight and measure equipment should immediately discontinue the business operations. Here is the list of conditions that lead to the cancellation of the Model Approval Certificate:

  • When the previously approved model is no longer relevant according to the Legal Metrology laws and regulations.
  • In case of errors or shortcomings that are addressed during the performance of the model.
  • If the approved model design and circuit diagram are intentionally altered or changed by the manufacturer or any other person.
  • If the manufacturer violates the terms and conditions of the approval certificate.
  • Failure of the model to meet the required standards according to the concerned authority.

LMPC Model Approval Certificate Suspension

LMPC Model Approval Certificate suspension is an administrative action taken by the government of India, to temporarily prohibit the use of a specific model of measuring instrument until certain conditions are fulfilled.

1. Reasons for Suspension

  • Failure to work according to the Legal Metrology Laws and Regulations.
  • Detection of defects and errors in the model design or performance.
  • Non-alignment with the standard accuracy, precision, or reliability concerns.
  • In case of violation of specific operating conditions

2. Procedure for Suspension

  • Firstly, the concerned regulatory authority shall send a notice of suspension to manufacturers, distributors, or users of measuring instruments.
  • Such suspension comes into effect immediately or within a stipulated timeframe.
  • This suspension notice shall include the reason behind the suspension and various other conditions that must be met for reinstatement.

3. Consequences

  • Once the concerned authority suspends the measure and weight instrument, such businesses lose their legal authority and immediately stop operating for commercial purposes.
  • Continuation of suspended instruments will result in legal liabilities such as penalties and imprisonment.
  • Suspension of the Model approval certificate may result in damaging the reputation of the user or the manufacturer of the suspended model.

4. Reinstatement

  • The suspension can be reinstated after the conditions are met, and such reinstatement shall be documented by the manufacturer or distributor and submitted to the concerned regulatory authority.
  • The regulatory authority shall go through the documents submitted, and if satisfied the Model Approval certificate suspension shall be reinstated.
  • Such reinstatement of model approval requires testing, modifications, or additional documents aligning with the Legal Metrology rules and regulations.

5. Advantages of Suspension

  • Model Approval suspension protects consumers and businesses from using outdated, inaccurate, or unreliable measurement instruments.
  • The objective behind the Model Approval certificate is to ensure fair trade practices in commercial transactions and protect the integrity of the market.
  • It permits the regulatory authority concerned to address the potential risk or concern connected to the measuring instrument model in a timely manner.

Items Requiring LMPC Model Approval

There are several items that demand LMPC Model Approval in India. Given below is the list that contains some of the items that require LMPC Model Approval-

  • Rulers
  • Metersticks
  • Tape Measures
  • Electricity Meters
  • Tyre Pressure Gauges
  • Thermometers
  • Fuel Dispensers
  • Measuring Cylinders
  • Volumetric Flasks

What are the Items that do not Require LMPC Model Approval?

List of items that do not require Model Approval are brass, bullions, carat weight, midscale, length measures (not measuring tapes), items generally used in retail trade for measuring textiles or timbers, capacity measures (not exceeding 20 litres incapacity) and items generally used in retail trade for measuring kerosene, milk or postal liquors.

Penalties for Failure to Obtain LMPC Model Approval

According to the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, whoever fails to omit or submit a standard model of any weights and measures for approval from the concerned authority shall be punished with a fine that may extend to Rs20,000/-(Twenty Thousand) and, for subsequent offences, imprisonment up to one year along with legal penalties.

Fees for LMPC Model Approval Under Legal Metrology

The fee for LMPC Model Approval under Legal Metrology is as follows:

  • The government fee for testing the weight and measurement instrument for mechanical type of weight and measure is Rs 10,000/- (Ten Thousand).
  • The government fee for the digital type models of weights and measures for testing the instruments is Rs.25,000/- (Twenty-five Thousand).
  • Additional documentation charges and professional fees in case an expert's services are obtained shall be added to the mandatory government charges.

LMPC Model Approval Registration Timeline

There is no specific timeframe as prescribed, though the concerned authority shall inspect the applicant's business premises after receiving the application form. The process takes approximately 20-30 days to complete, and hence, the registration certificate is issued. Additionally, incomplete applications shall be returned to the applicant within 7 days of receipt.

Reasons to Consider Legal Metrology Consultants for LMPC Model Approval

It is important to obtain an LMPC Model Approval from the Department of Legal Metrology by the manufacturer and importer of business engaged in weights and measurement items. Professional experts will enhance the procedure to obtain an LMPC Model Approval certificate, ensuring timely and cost-effective service. Because of this, Legal Metrology Consultants offers the complete service in one window.

We help clients fill out application forms for obtaining an LMPC certificate, including both online and offline procedures depending on the jurisdiction. Our service does not end there; we also follow up on the complete procedure until the Model approval certificate is granted to our clients. We ensure that we handle every mistake skillfully, providing the best results for the overall development of the client's businesses.

So, if you are seeking a Legal Metrology registration certificate or an LMPC Model Approval license, we are at your doorstep to provide an end-to-end service. You may contact our expert professionals for further information.

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, it is mandatory for every manufacturer or importer to engage in the business of weights and measures to obtain a LMPC model approval certificate from the Department of Legal Metrology.

The penalty for not having a LMPC Model Approval Certificate consists of legal penalties up to Rs 10,000/-(Ten Thousand), and for subsequent violations, there is a term of imprisonment along with the legal penalties.

Yes, the LMPC Model Approval Certificate needs to be renewed. It is not a one-time process, so both importers and manufacturers need to apply for a renewal.

LMPC Model Approval Certificates verify that the weights and measures of the model products meet the legal standard as per the Legal Metrology rules and regulations.

The Department of Legal Metrology, under the Ministry of Consumer Protection and Weights and Measures, ensures the weights and measures standards.

Every business engaged in weight and measurement must obtain an LMPC certificate before importing any weights or measuring units.

LMPC certificate for Model Approval in India is a provision mentioned in section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act,2009, stating that every manufacturer and importer of weights and measures tools must obtain approval.

As per the Model Approval Rules of Legal Metrology, the importer's and manufacturer's weights and measurement products must comply with the regulatory requirements of the Legal Metrology Act,2009.

Yes, the concerned authority can accept models of weights and measures approved in another country with or without a test.

The items excluded from model approval weights and measures are cast iron, brass, bullion, carat weight, beam scale, and length measures.

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