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About Us

About Us

Legal Metrology Consultants  is a business consulting firm offering a plethora of Legal metrology services all over India. We have seasoned professionals who assist clients in simplifying their legal compliance and helping them meet the stipulated compliance standards, ensuring the best practices in the market.

We help clients with their packaged commodity measurement to meet legal standards, ensuring fair trade in commercial transactions. Obtaining an LMPC certificate is mandatory for every business engaged in manufacturing, distributing, selling, importing, and packaging of pre-packaged commodities. Our legal metrology experts also ensure applicants obtain a license for the import & export of goods from one place to another.


The Origin of Legal Metrology Service

The Legal Metrology Act of 2009 was enacted by the Indian Parliament to implement and enforce a standard of weights and measures. The Act regulates domestic and international trade transactions involving weights and measures in India. Legal Metrology Consultants has introduced the services to help applicants simplify the complexity connected with regulations of legal metrology, embarking on the journey to create a platform that transcends the limitations of traditional methods.

With the advancement in technology, our team of experts ensures to set out to bridge the gap between legal complexities and everyday understanding. Our service prioritizes minimizing the risk of errors in measurements, reducing transaction costs, legal protections, minimize the transaction cost.


Specialized Teams for Legal Metrology

Legal Metrology Consultants is one of the leading legal metrology service providers in India. We have a dedicated team of experts who possess extensive knowledge of regulations and compliance under the Legal Metrology Act 2009. Additionally, we have a team of legal experts providing expert solutions for intricate matters, securing approvals for product models, and detail checklists with adherence to legal metrology. Throughout the procedure for obtaining a legal metrology certificate, our advisors are available to address queries, ensuring a seamless application journey.

Frequently Ask Questions

The primary objective behind the Legal Metrology Act is to establish a uniform standard of weights and measures in India as well as to regulate trades through accurate measures and weights.

Yes, according to the Legal Metrology Act of 2009, all weights and measures used for trade and commerce must be verified and stamped by the Department of Legal Metrology.

Penalties for non-compliance under Legal Metrology range from fine to legal imprisonment for subsequent offences.

Types of Registration under Legal Metrology are LMPC (Packaged Commodity Registration), Model Approval, Dealership License, Manufacturer License, Repairer license, Stamping of Product.

A pre-packed commodity is a commodity placed in the package without the presence of the purchaser of whatever nature, whether sealed or not so that such products have a pre-determined quantity.

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