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The Legal Metrology Act is implemented by the Department of Consumer Affairs with the objective of standardizing the control of measurements and measuring instruments. Legal Metrology Consultants, a unit of Corpbiz, has taken the initiative to assist businesses in securing licenses related to legal metrology with the objective of securing public safety, the environment, customers, merchants, and fair-trade practice. We have a network of 200+ LMPC experts who understand the needs of the clients along with the complexity of the procedure of LMPC registration in India and provide hassle-free legal metrology online services.

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What is an LMPC Certificate?

An LMPC certificate or Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity certificate is a mandatory certificate that every business dealing with pre-packaged goods must obtain to operate in India. As per the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, every packer and importer of pre-packed commodities or products must obtain a registration certificate from the Department of Legal Metrology.

However, the objective behind the LMPC certification is to maintain a standard and authenticity in the good's measurement and weight, protecting consumers from unfair trade practices. The application for the LMPC certificate must be obtained within 90 days of initiating import business operations.

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Benefits of Obtaining an LMPC Certificate

Some of the major benefits of obtaining an LMPC certificate in India are as follows:

Encourages Fair Trade Practices

It helps trade by supporting fair trade practices and ensuring the measuring instruments meet international standards.

Helps Win Customer Trust

The LMPC certificate authenticates a customer's products, thus building customer trust.

Boosts Revenue

The LMPC license plays a crucial role in increasing the government's revenue by providing an accurate tax assessment, thereby curbing tax evasion.

Minimizes Technical Barriers

It has also reduced technical barriers by introducing technologies such as digital scales, online product registration, etc.

Saves Time

The LMPC certificate also saves time for customers and businesses by streamlining the measurement process and providing transparency in product labels and packaging.

Market Expansion

Most businesses plan to expand their horizons. Such businesses must obtain an LMPC certificate and transform the fortune of their venture.

Types of Registrations under the Legal Metrology Act

Weight and Measurement Products
(Taximeters, Weighing Scales, Electricity Meters, Thermometers, etc.)

  • Model Approval
  • Importer License
  • Manufacturer License
  • Dealership License
  • Repairer License
  • Stamping of Product

Packaged Goods
(Boxes of Detergent Powder, Tubes of Toothpaste, Cans of Paint, Packets of Tea, etc.)

  • Packaged Commodity Registration (LMPC)



Legal metrology


Application Submission

Legal metrology


Application Assessment

Legal metrology


Fee Payment

Legal metrology


Grant of LMPC Certificate

Frequently Ask Questions

Legal Metrology Act is an act that has standardized the measurement of weights in India and regulated the weight measurement connected to transactions involving goods and services.

LMPC stands for Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities.

LMPC certificate is mandatory for manufacturers, importers, and packers of packaged commodities sold in India.

If a business operates without obtaining an LMPC certificate, it will have to face penalties from the concerned authorities.

The LMPC certificate is mandatory for every type of business engaged in the manufacturing, distribution, importing, and packing of Pre-Packed commodities.


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