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Legal Metrology Manufacturer License

Are you looking to set up a manufacturing industry of weight and measure items? If yes, obtaining a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License is a must for you. Secure the license with us and get flourishing growth in the manufacturing industry.

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Legal Metrology Manufacturer License: An Overview

The Government of India has established a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License under the Ministry of Consumer Protection and Weights & Measures to provide a regulated legal framework for businesses dealing with measures and weights in commercial transactions.

The primary objective behind this legal provision is to safeguard the interests and rights of consumers, ensure standardization in weighing and measuring items, and maintain their security.

According to the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, a manufacturer license is mandatory for companies dealing with the manufacturing of weights and measures within India. However, this manufacturer license is issued by the Department of Legal Metrology in specific states, depending on where the manufacturing facility is situated. 

What is a Manufacturer License under Legal Metrology?

A manufacturer license under legal metrology is a mandatory provision that every person willing to enter a business dealing with manufacturing industry weight and measures items must obtain such a manufacturer license from the concerned authority (Department of Legal Metrology).

This manufacturing license is issued to the concerned manufacturer for specific items as per the manufacturer. Without obtaining a manufacturing license, no manufacturer can run a business of manufacturing goods. Therefore, before setting up a business to manufacture any items, one must know and understand the importance of a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License.

A manufacturer license is one of the important certifications and registrations under the legal metrology certificate. Thus, it is necessary to obtain approval and a manufacturer license certificate on weights and measure items to run the business of manufacturing.

What are the Key Points you should Remember?

Some of the major key points one should remember while dealing with the legal metrology license certificate are:

  • Licenses issued or renewed according to the Legal Metrology Act must be prominently displayed on the premises of the business where the licensee operates.
  • No license issued or renewed under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 is saleable and transferable.  
  • It is an obligation for manufacturers, repairers, and dealers' legal metrology license holders to maintain records and reporting.
  • A periodic verification and inspection of weights and measures must be conducted by the concerned officer of the legal metrology.
  • Every business with a legal metrology license must conduct a re-verification of weights, capacity measures, length measures, tapes, beam scales, and counter machines every twenty-four months.
  • A storage tank must also get a re-verification after every sixty months, and other weights and measures not mentioned above shall go through re-verification every twelve months.
  • In case the weight and instrument are already verified and stamped in their original location and are later taken apart and reinstalled before the next scheduled re-verification, the weight or measuring instrument must be verified and stamped again by the concerned authority before it can be used.  
  • In case the weight or measuring instrument checked and stamped undergoes repairs, it must ensure that before the next schedule such instruments need to be again checked and stamped before using it again.

Requirements for Obtaining a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License

Given below is the list of requirements for obtaining a Legal Metrology Manufacturer license-

  • A unit of physical manufacturing.
  • A model approval certificate for each type of weight or measure manufactured from the Director of Legal Metrology.
  • Comply with minimum space requirements.
  • Business premises must be on the ground basement or ground floor except with a consideration.
  • Comply with all the necessary tools and machinery to run the manufacturing business.
  • Ensure skilful workers with relevant expertise.

Documents Required to Obtain Legal Metrology Manufacturer Licensee

A successful application is attached with all the necessary documents along with the application form. Given below are the necessary documents to be submitted before the concerned authority:

  • Two passport-sized photos of the applicant
  • An affidavit stating that the applicant will follow the rules and norms of the Legal Metrology Act 2009
  • A Model Approval Certificate for the weights and measures to be manufactured
  • A complete list of machinery and tools
  • Applicant address proof
  • Ownership documents of the business premises
  • A copy of the rent agreement in case the business premises are rented
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Incorporation documents
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Professional Tax Certificate, if applicable
  • Labour license 

How to Apply for a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License?

Every state has a different approach to obtaining a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License; however, given below are some of the general procedures:

1. Download online Application

An applicant shall visit the official website of State Legal Metrology and download the form for a manufacturer license. Since this is a one-stop solution, an applicant needs to ensure that an updated application form is downloaded.

2. Filling the Application Form

The applicant shall fill out the application form downloaded according to the stipulated guidelines attached along with the necessary documents. It is to be noted that for fresh license registration, the applicant may use the LM-I form, and for license renewal, it is the LM2 form.

3. Submission & Fee Payment

After completing the application form for a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License, the applicant may submit it by paying the provided application fees. The concerned officer shall inspect the applicant's premises and report to the Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology.

4. Inspection & Verification

After the application form and documents are submitted, the Assistant Controller inspects the documents submitted and the report on the metrology and accordingly makes a recommendation. Thereafter, he forwards the report findings to the concerned Controller or any other contempt licensing authority.

5. Granting of License

After final verification by the Controller or Authorised officer, the concerned Department of Legal Metrology will contact an applicant. After paying the license fee, a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License will be granted.

What are the Benefits of a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License?

According to Legal Metrology Act, 2009 businesses engaged in the manufacturing of weights and measure items in India are mandatory to obtain a legal metrology manufacturer license. It has various benefits, and non-compliance can result in severe repercussions ranging from legal penalties to imprisonment, damaging the reputation of the company’s brand. Additionally, there are several other benefits behind this registration or certification:

  • It creates standardization and accuracy.
  • It encourages and promotes fair trade practices and consumer protection.
  • It imposes legal obligations on manufacturers, prevents unfair trade practices, safeguards consumers, and creates equality in the market. 
  • Introduction of technology into the legal metrology practices.
  • It also provides a manufacturer with governmental support, promoting collaboration between the businesses and regulatory bodies.
  • It helps manufacturers with the new legal metrology practices by educating them.
  • It also measures the benefits or success behind the implementation of legal metrology and makes way for continuous assessment.
  • It increases the government revenue by imposing various taxes.

Cost of Legal Metrology Manufacturing License

Every state has a different fee structure for a Legal Metrology License Certificate. However, the overall cost for such certification depends upon the application fees, documentation, professional consultation, and various other miscellaneous charges. 

After comparing the cost of Legal Metrology Manufacturer License in various states in India, the minimum charges from a license start from Rs.100/-(hundred) to Rs.5000/- (Five Thousand) plus professional charges if you avail a service from the experts.

Timeline for Obtaining a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License

Once the legal metrology manufacturer license is granted, its minimum validity is one year; however, it can be renewed for a maximum of five years. Obtaining a legal metrology manufacturer license takes about 2-3 months. Additionally, the application for the renewal needs to be filed thirty days before the expiry date.

Validity & Renewal of Legal Metrology Manufacturer License

The validity period of the Legal Metrology Manufacturer License, once granted, typically stays for a minimum of one year. If renewed, it remains for a maximum period of five years. However, a renewal application has to be filed at least 30 days before the expiry date of the Legal Metrology Manufacturer License. The form used for this purpose is LM-2, and the process is overseen by the controller or an authorised person. 

Reasons to Consider Legal Metrology Consultants for Manufacturer License

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Frequently Ask Questions

Legal Metrology License is a mandatory license that has to be obtained by businesses engaged in the weights and measures in India from the Department of Legal Metrology of a state where the business premises are located.

The Legal Metrology Act of 2009 has regulated the commercial use of weights and measures in day-to-day commercial transactions. The objective behind this law is to ensure compliance according to legal standards, ensure customer protection, build trust, minimize trade barriers, and contribute to government revenue.

Applicant must be operating a physical manufacturing unit with adequate equipment and a model approval certificate.

The validity period of a Legal Metrology License in India is one year for a fresh license, and for renewal, it can extend up to five years.

Legal Metrology inspections and stamp verifications are conducted by the Legal Metrology officers of a particular state under the Department of Legal Metrology.

The Controller of the Department of Legal Metrology holds the responsibility to grant the Legal Metrology Manufacturer License.

It validates the legal manufacturing and selling of weights and measures in India and is eligible for various government subsidies and benefits.

Failure to renew the Legal Metrology Manufacturer License on time may result in the expiration of the said license and may reapply for the same license before the Department of Legal Metrology of the state.

Some of the types of Legal Metrology registrations are model approval, import license, dealership license, and manufacturer license.

The duration of obtaining a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License differs from state to state, but it typically takes several weeks to a month.

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